Snack Packs for Chemo Sign Up Information


Snack Packs for Chemo are snack bags for adults going through chemo. They will be disbursed to cancer centers where chemotherapy infusion takes place. Currently, we are partnered with MD Anderson, Penn, Comprehensive Cancer Center, and The Minnitti Center.

Please read the instructions below before making the bags. To sign-up to make Snack Packs for Chemo, click on the button at the bottom of the page.

Instructions for Making Snack Packs for Chemo:

We have found that when different groups make bags, they are not all the same and this can result in one patient getting a large bag and the patient next to him getting a smaller bag. Therefore we would like each Chemo Snack Bag to contain the following:

  • Prepackaged peanut butter crackers
  • Prepackaged pretzels
  • Small box of 100% apple juice with a straw
  • Hard candy, mints or lemon drops
  • Cookies in sealed individual packages
  • Chapstick or lip balm
  • Packet of tissues
  • Homemade cards or notes of encouragement are greatly appreciated and one can be placed in each bag.

Everything should be put in a clear Ziploc bag, which can be decorated with permanent markers. The Ziploc bags make transport and distribution much easier and neater.

PLEASE NOTE: No direct sales materials or solicitations. Please do not include any items other than those on the above list. These items have been selected specifically for the patients. All snacks must be prepackaged. No homemade snacks are permitted. Follow safe assembly practices: assemble on clean surfaces, wash hands, wear gloves and avoid having anyone with a cold or who is not well participate.

At this time we are accepting snack packs for Adults only. All snack packs should be delivered to The Unforgotten Haven in Blackwood during the hours posted on our main Facebook page. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. These bring smiles at a difficult time.

To get more information, visit the Facebook Group page.