Fleece Navidad (Making Fleece Blankets)

Want to make fleece blankets for children in hospitals and our Homeless Outreach initiative? It’s easy. Here is a list of what you’ll need and instructions:


  • 5-1/2 yds. fleece fabric
  • Scissors or rotary cutter & mat
  • Tape measure


Project tip: Cut both layers of fleece at the same time.

  1. From each piece of fleece, cut 56” x 70” rectangle.
  2. Place fleece rectangles wrong sides together.
  3. Cut out one 7” square from each corner of both fleece pieces.
  4. To make the fringe, cut 7” into fleece at 1” intervals around all sides of both top and bottom.
  5. Knot fringed pieces together around entire blanket, using 1 strand from the front fabric layer and 1 strand from the back fabric layer.

Keep an eye out for coupons to use at craft stores. Joann’s Fabrics also had kits you can purchase.

Finished blankets can be dropped off during our open hours. Check our website at https://www.theunforgottenhaven.org/ for our weekly hours.

Join the Facebook group page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2158654411050271/